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Our Story

Since time immemorial, incense sticks or ‘agarbattis’ have been an integral part of Indian traditions. Considered a symbol of the transformative power of fire, agarbattis form an important part of almost all rituals.

Established in the 1960s, Padmini is a company that has been redefining the ancient art of agarbatti (incense) crafting. At Padmini, fragrances are developed for agarbatti sticks keeping time-honoured traditions in mind. Right from the sourcing of ingredients that include essential oils and plant extracts, to the crafting of fragrances, Padmini strives to deliver the very highest level of quality and authenticity.

Our core set of values are:

Quality: From ingredient sourcing to lab testing, we ensure that each fragrance goes through stringent QC measures during development. These efforts are focused on maintaining product safety as well as achieving the highest level of fragrance performance across our entire range of products.

Authenticity: We strive to create fragrances that provide users with an authentic experience in terms of fragrance profile. This means that each of our fragrances represents a harmonious and complex blend of top, middle, and base notes painstakingly crafted to provide our customers with a truly unique and distinctive fragrance experience.

Variety: Thanks to the expertise and dedication of our team, Padmini today has an impressive assortment of over 70 products – each one exploring a unique dimension in the subtle art of aroma creation.

Over the past six decades, Padmini has come to be known as one of the best agarbatti brands in India. With years of training from some of the best institutes of perfumery, our veteran perfumers have combined the legacy of centuries’ old tradition with modern technology to create our range of authentic fragrances.